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Getting Carded at 50

Over the course of Thanksgiving week I traveled about 600 miles.  From our house in Natick, Massachusetts to my parents’ house in Northern New Jersey, out to a college visit in Pennsylvania and then back to Natick again.

At the end of this odyssey I arrived home to find an unmarked envelope in my mail.  You know, the kind with no sender identified in the return address.

I thought it might be an updated credit card that the issuer did not want to call attention to in the mail.

But no, it was my AARP card. read more

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Whole Foods Frays Organically

Whole Foods Responsibly Grown LogoHave you ever wished for a personal chef?

Well for two months I had one.

In autumn 1999, after years of working as a chef on yachts, in restaurants and on catering gigs, my sister-in-law Rachael decided to transition to a new career:  web master.  Her transition involved relocating to the Boston area and earning Microsoft certifications.

Rachael moved to her parents’ house in Needham while she studied for her certifications and waited for her new Watertown condo to be ready.  Her parents decided to move to Cape Cod two months before her move-in date though.  So my husband Dan and I invited her to live with us. read more

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Clean Out Your Brand Closet

messy-closet-280x193One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to clear clutter.  I love to prune files, neaten drawers, and clean out closets.  (I’m less wild about picking up after my kids and husband.)

There is a joy to discarding unnecessary items and setting the necessary ones in order.  Sort of how Michelangelo must have felt as he chiseled away to “liberate the figure imprisoned in the marble.”

I bet some of you are thinking that I need to have my head checked.  More of you are wondering how you can get me to procrastinate at your house (good tea or red wine and dark chocolate help). read more

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How Not to Talk to Customers

customer-survey-excellent-check-280x216As I learned to drive, my father not only braved my initial road experience, he also tried to teach me about the way a car functioned.

He opened the hood of our 1969 Buick Le Sabre and pointed out areas where you add fluids.  There was a carburetor and a radiator.  He even showed me how to change a tire.  read more

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