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*Brands that stall after their initial success

E. Starr Associates is me, Evelyn Starr. For 20 years I’ve been helping business owners make confident marketing decisions that have increased sales and have grown their brands. I specialize in working with brands in adolescence, brands that have stalled after their initial success.

If you’re like most of my clients, you are passionate about your business and you’ve been at the helm for a while. Your goals include ambitious brand growth. You have several avenues under consideration –new products, new territories, new market segments –  to propel that growth.

But it is unclear to you which route to take. Moreover, your marketing is either not working the way it did in the past or struggling to find the message that resonates with your prospects.

“Your help was so critical to our decisions.  We appreciate your quick turnaround on the project and helping us to hold the cost.  I truly believe it was the difference between a huge success and floundering for the right solution.  Thank you again for jumping to our assistance!”
Phyllis LeBlanc

Owner & President, Harbor Sweets

Do-It-Yourself, Brand-in-Adolescence Help

Has your brand stalled after several years in business? You are not alone.

Most businesses experience brand adolescence at some point. To see if your brand has hit adolescence and get DIY help, check out Evelyn’s new book Teenage Wastebrand: How Your Brand Can Stop Struggling and Start Scaling.
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