Niche Discovery

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Owning a niche is the best way to differentiate your brand. It can narrow or eliminate your competition.

Done well, your brand becomes the go-to for your specific niche. And no other brand will do.

Business owners often fear that declaring a niche will limit their brand’s potential. But that’s not true.

Amazon began as an online bookseller. By the time Amazon expanded beyond books, the company had 3.1 million customers and was on track to register $400 million in book sales. And it had the credibility of an excellent vendor which it established with its niche in books.

Instead of limiting your brand’s potential, a well-chosen niche allows you to focus and become the best. A niche builds your reputation and naturally attracts your best customers.

Brands that have been in business for a while often have a niche forming naturally. It’s just a matter of discovering it.

Using my 25 years of brand strategy and marketing insights experience, I can coach you through the process of discovering your niche. See what some past clients have said:

Since working with Evelyn, I feel much clearer about what I’m doing and the services I’m offering, I’ve got confidence back that might have got a little bit lost in pandemic times, and the whole experience has been so enjoyable! Highly recommended for teenage waste brand digital marketing consultants!

Maryrose Lyons

Digital Marketing OG, Brightspark Consulting

“One of the best business decisions I’ve made was to hire Evelyn Starr to coach me through the process of defining my niche. From the moment I read her proposal, I knew this was going to be a breakthrough experience. And it was!

Evelyn led me through a thought-provoking process that helped me look at my business with fresh eyes. Our conversations were a perfect balance of encouraging and intellectually challenging. I came away from the project feeling inspired and with a clearly defined area of focus. Evelyn also helped me identify marketing opportunities that have been much more effective. If you’re seeking a coach to help you define your business niche, I strongly recommend Evelyn Starr.”

Jeff Sugarman

President & Creative Director, Ora Brand Strategy + Design

“Evelyn is an exceptionally gifted marketing coach. She worked with me for several months as I launched my new advisory practice, honed my message and drafted a number of preliminary marketing tools. Working with her was worth the fee many times over. I would have spent many more hours on my own without achieving a fraction of the results. I recommend her highly.”

John Biebel

Chief Client Advisor, Ridley Cove Financial Advisors LLC

Each niche discovery program is custom-tailored to the client’s brand and takes from one to three months, depending on the size of the firm and where your brand is in its development.

During the program I will help you:

  • Identify your brand’s unique niche
  • Articulate your niche clearly and in a way that resonates fast
  • Apply your niche to all of your marketing communications including social media
  • Develop tools and strategies to attract more of your most desirable customers

Contact me now to help you discover your brand’s niche. I can’t wait to work with you!

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