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Don’t You Forget About Your Brand

Ally Sheedy's character in The Breakfast Club, before and after her makeover.

Image source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/sarag17/the-best-and-worst-tvmovie-makeovers-7gd5

This past March marked the 30th anniversary of the movie The Breakfast Club

For those of you who might not know it, the movie portrays the gathering of five stereotypical high schoolers (a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal) for a day-long detention on a Saturday.  Over the course of the day, social barriers recede.  The teenagers share insights that both explain their stereotypes and undermine them at the same time.

The movie struck a chord with adolescents everywhere when it was released, and continues to engage succeeding generations.  My husband and I watched it with our teenagers a couple of years ago. read more

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Life is Good Goes for Grand

Original Jake drawing from Life is Good, brand in adolescence

Original Jake Drawing
Image source: lifeisgood.com

While many families chose warm weather destinations for the February school vacation, my son AJ and I took a road trip to Vermont and upstate New York.  No, we are not skiers.

Why would we choose a subzero-temperature week to travel to these northern locales?

To look at colleges.

AJ is a junior in high school.  Though he will not be applying to colleges until next fall, we are visiting now so that he will know where he wants to apply then. read more

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Totally Tubular

Image source: Scott Products | Facebook

Image source: Scott Products | Facebook

I never knew toilet paper could be exciting until I met Dave.

Dave joined me in the Veryfine Marketing Research Department in the early days of 1993 after a two-year stint at James River, maker of Quilted Northern bathroom tissue.  He entertained us with stories of the brand’s relaunch the year before.  Segmentation studies had characterized different types of toilet-tissue users.  Press releases detailing the segments had persuaded radio personalities to talk about the product.

Clearly James River employees and their marketing agencies had both great creativity and a good sense of humor. read more

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Clean Out Your Brand Closet

messy-closet-280x193One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to clear clutter.  I love to prune files, neaten drawers, and clean out closets.  (I’m less wild about picking up after my kids and husband.)

There is a joy to discarding unnecessary items and setting the necessary ones in order.  Sort of how Michelangelo must have felt as he chiseled away to “liberate the figure imprisoned in the marble.”

I bet some of you are thinking that I need to have my head checked.  More of you are wondering how you can get me to procrastinate at your house (good tea or red wine and dark chocolate help). read more

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It Absolutely, Positively Had to Happen Overnight

federal-express-logoAs my husband Dan and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary in June, I thought of the odd American pop culture events that occurred the weekend we got married. 

The Friday night preceding our wedding, former football star OJ Simpson led the L.A. police on a low-speed highway fedex-logo-e1342198594971chase in a white Ford Bronco.  Thirty-five miles per hour and yet the chase went on for 60 miles. read more

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