If you have time to read and the inclination to advance your marketing knowledge, here are five great books to consider. Please know that I receive no compensation for recommending these books.

Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer – Mark Schaefer is a renowned marketing consultant who looks at why traditional marketing no longer works and what it takes to appeal to consumers today. His kind-but-true tone gives it to us straight – “the most human company wins.” Then he provides the ways in which companies can be more human.

The Context Marketing Revolution by Mathew Sweezey – Mathew Sweezey is Director of Market Strategy for Salesforce and a brilliant insights guy. I heard him speak last October. Among his insights are pinpointing the moment that consumer-created media exceeded business-created media, making it way harder for brands to be heard, and how to combine an understanding of consumers’ context with technology to market effectively.

The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek – Simon Sinek is the guy known for saying “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” The Infinite Game builds on that idea and details five essential practices of leaders who build enduring brands and organizations.

Fusion by Denise Lee Yohn – Denise Lee Yohn is a brand expert who has delved deep into how brand and company culture are inextricably linked. In Fusion, she details the cultural components of the strongest brands and maps a path to aligning your culture with your brand.

Superfans by Pat Flynn – Pat Flynn is an online business entrepreneur who built several successful brands through sheer devotion to his audience. Superfans is his straightforward, tactical guide to building stronger connections to your audience and helping audience members who are most enthusiastic to become superfans of your brand.

Please let me know your impressions after reading!


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