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What do you do when you’ve met someone at a networking event, a trade show or online and you’d like to build a relationship and get them on your email marketing list?

You craft an ask that is respectful of their time and demonstrates the benefit to them.

The way I do this is to write them a follow up email that includes either the latest version of my newsletter or one that I think they would particularly enjoy.

I begin the email expressing my gladness that we met and referencing a specific aspect or two of our conversation.

Then I tell them I have forwarded my newsletter below for their enjoyment and encourage them to scroll down to read it.

I finish with this text:

“If you like the newsletter and would like to receive it regularly, please let me know. If not – no worries! I never subscribe anyone without their permission.”

Yes, it’s labor intensive and time consuming, but that’s what it takes to build good relationships.

I have gotten many subscribers this way, some of whom go to my website after reading the newsletter and subscribe themselves.

Try it! And let me know what you think of this approach in the comments.


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