Friday Fun Answers

March 2020 Friday Fun Quiz Answers

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A. Corona Beer’s first bout with rumor in the U.S. occurred in 1987. What was the rumor?

    1. The brewer’s yeast was 200 years old and sickening beer drinkers
    2. There was urine in the beer
    3. Corona Beer’s smoothness was due to spider eggs
    4. There was benzene in the beer
    5. Insufficiently pasteurized beer was causing bottles to explode

B. Corona Beer is often served with a lime in the bottle opening. The original reason for that was…

  1. To keep flies out of the beer
  2. To differentiate Corona from other beers
  3. To bring out the beer’s flavor profile
  4. To ward off evil spirits
  5. Citrus hydrates the body

C. In a letter to William Morris, President of Life Savers Inc., one child described the supposed spider eggs in Bubble Yum as:

  1. Giving him nightmares
  2. Full of protein
  3. Very tasty
  4. Invisible
  5. All of the above

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