Friday Fun Answers

May 2020 Friday Fun Quiz Answers

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The Flying Nun series included 82 episodes that aired on TV from 1967-1970. The series is based on the book:

  1. Through the Narrow Gate
  2. The Fifteenth Pelican
  3. In This House of Brede
  4. Forever and Ever, Amen
  5. A Nun in the Closet

The musical Nunsense originated as:

  1. A cabaret act – the answer is actually #4, but Nunsense became a cabaret act from the greeting cards, and then became a musical, so give yourself at least partial credit.
  2. A tell-all memoir
  3. A short story
  4. A line of greeting cards
  5. A comic strip

Whoopi Goldberg starred as “Deloris Von Cartier,” a lounge singer hiding from the mob as a nun in Sister Act released in 1992. Who was the role originally intended for?

  1. Andie McDowell, but she had religious objections
  2. Angela Bassett, but she was not interested
  3. Bette Midler, but she thought her fans did not want to see her in a wimple
  4. Meryl Streep, but she was committed to film Death Becomes Her
  5. Susan Sarandon, but her vocal range couldn’t cut it

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