As a business owner, you know that marketing done well can drive sales. But knowing what to do, how to do it well and finding the time to do it aren’t easy.

It’s often that to-do item that keeps slipping down your list.

Or a marketing opportunity is presented to you, and you find yourself mulling it without coming to a decision and wondering how you’d know if it was a good bet.

I can take the mystery out of marketing for you and help you get it done.

There are three ways I can help:

    • Consulting – Whether you need a quick consult, a more comprehensive look at your marketing or a plan to move forward, I can work with you to assess the best marketing approaches within your budget.
    • Insights & Market Research – Focus groups, interviews, online surveys – if you need data, I can help you get it.
    • Writing – If you need content ideas or copy for your marketing communications (website, newsletter, blog, etc.), you’ve come to the right place.

If your marketing has languished or you need help deciding how to proceed, I can help you move forward with confidence.

Get in touch today.