Marketing Advice/Coaching

I offer marketing advice and coaching to business owners who execute their own marketing. They hire me to ensure that their marketing dollars and their time investment are focused on tactics that will bring them more business over the long-term. We also ensure that their marketing messages will resonate with prospects and customers.

My level of involvement depends on how much guidance you want. Here are my most frequent engagements, always customized to meet your needs:


Marketing Power Hour

If you just have a list of questions or a specific issue you’d like to address quickly, the Power Hour is the way to go. We’ll spend our 60 minutes together laser-focused on your issue, answering your questions and generating specific, actionable recommendations for you.

(Fee: $275)


Marketing Advisor

This monthly program is designed to help you market your business more consistently by reviewing your efforts, answering your questions, and identifying next steps. It relieves the burden of wondering when you’ll get to marketing and helps you maximize the benefit of the time you spend on it. The program has a three-month minimum and includes:

  • A one-hour scheduled phone call with me each month.
  • A post-call email from me detailing your action steps for the month.
  • Review and feedback on all of your marketing communications (website, brochures, blog, social media presence, white papers, advertising, etc.).
  • Unlimited email or phone calls between our scheduled consults.

Here are some of the topics I often tackle as Marketing Advisor:

  • How to best spend your marketing dollars
  • Ways to generate more sales
  • Social media strategy and tactics
  • Website review and recommendations for improvements
  • Specific ad execution review and feedback


Marketing Coach

Where the Marketing Advisor program helps you keep your  ongoing marketing efforts on track, the Marketing Coach package is designed to help you jumpstart your marketing by defining and sharpening your marketing tools. It is about helping you market yourself as well as your business.

This two-month package includes:

  • An upfront questionnaire about your business, your interests and your goals.
  • One scheduled hour-long phone session with me per week. 9 sessions in total.
  • Unlimited availability via email and phone during our work together.
  • 60 Days of my availability for follow up questions at the end of the program.

During the Marketing Coach program I will help you develop:

  • Ways to differentiate yourself and your brand from competitors
  • A concise way to describe what you do, a.k.a. the elevator pitch
  • What to say after your elevator pitch has gotten your prospect’s attention
  • Ways to make a memorable impression so that prospects and customers welcome your next call
  • A LinkedIn profile (if desired)
  • Inexpensive marketing tactics that warm your prospect relationship
  • A plan to help you continue your marketing momentum to build your business


Contact me today to see which program is right for you or to discuss designing one to fit your needs.