You want to invest your marketing dollars wisely, but how you do that can be unclear.

Marketing options abound. Sorting through them takes time and energy. In your lean organization, you may not have anyone to delegate this task to or to discuss options with. Or you may need an objective eye to provide an unbiased opinion.

I can help you navigate your marketing challenges and make confident decisions.

Some ways I have helped clients in the past include:


Talking though whether to opt for a proffered advertising opportunity.


Choosing which social media to use.


Evaluating the merits of an agency proposal.


Assessing and prioritizing marketing options.


Conducting brand definition and strategy workshops.


Analyzing the competition and developing a strategic marketing plan.

All consulting engagements include a written summary of recommendations so you can reference them in the future.

Whether you need a quick consult, a comprehensive look at your marketing or something in between, I can help you.

Contact me to move your marketing forward with confidence.

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