Marketing v. Noise

random-music-notes-stars-150x132Marketing gets your attention.
Noise never penetrates the surface.

Marketing differentiates.
Noise emphasizes sameness, but louder and with a meaningless twist.

Marketing informs.
Noise tries to remind you of what it has said before, and fails.

Marketing develops a brand’s personality.
Noise just keeps it one of the crowd.

Marketing evolves.
Noise keeps banging the same old, useless, boring drum.

Marketing banks on ingenuity, where often less is more.
Noise relies on repetition…more is always more and louder too.

Great marketing is simple, immediately understood.
Useless noise attempts to be clever and obscures or misses the point in the process.

Great marketing focuses on a single clear message.
Useless noise tries to fit all the points in and says nothing in the end.

Great marketing tries something new.
Useless noise beats the same path, harder.

Great marketing can be inexpensive.
Noise, by trying to shout over the din, rarely is.

If your message isn’t simple, clear, and easily understood to you, how is anybody else going to get it?

If your focus is to out yell, out flash, or out shine a competitor, is your product really different?  Or are you just a me-too, with no real difference in the eyes of the market place?

Be meaningfully different.
Accept that your product serves some, but not everyone.
Make choices that define your product, and take a stand.
Coo instead of crow.

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