The Bands Formerly Known As – Quiz

Sometimes a brand name change can breathe new life into the brand. Many popular bands have used this tactic, often to simplify their names or to signify a change in band members. See how many of these former bands you can identify by the current band name, then check your answers here.

1. The Hypeartist-formerly-known-as-prince-280x280
2. The Pendletons
3. Golden Gate Rhythm Section
4. Skid Row
5. Mookie Blaylock
6. Wicked Lester
7. Angel and the Snakes
8. Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid
9. Sweet Children
10. Levon and the Hawks
11. The Polka Tulk Blues Band
12. The Weak Heartdrops
13. The Golliwogs
14. On a Friday
15. Chicago Transit Authority