October 25, 2014

The Truth About Brands

Brands evolve.  Like humans, brands are affected and shaped by experiences.  Except that their evolution occurs in the eyes of those who experience them. 

This is the tricky part about marketing.  When you first launch, you know your intent and the meaning of your brand.  You created it.   And that’s the brand’s starting point, your customers’ first impression.

Like human relationships though, first impressions give way to a fuller, truer picture over time as experience with the brand grows.  And this truer picture is in the eye of the beholder – your customer.  Beholders can also include your employees, your referral sources, your vendors…anyone who has meaningful contact with your brand.

The way your customers talk about your product or service, the way they use it, and the ways that it becomes a part of their lives – all of this folds into their image of your brand. 

The most successful companies tap their brand evolution and mobilize their marketing around it to grow their business.

Brand evolution is the reason that Federal Express became FedEx, that Zappos branched out beyond shoes, and that Dunkin’ Donuts credibly sells way more coffee than donuts.  These companies stayed in tune with their customers and followed their brands’ evolution to increasing sales and profits.

So how do you figure out your brand’s image?

That’s where I can help you.

Large comfedex logopanies have agencies who manage this process for them.  Agencies deploy interns and junior staff to collect data, account teams to analyze it, and senior staff to report it.  That’s junior level information from a stock process at overhead-laden cost.

With 20 years of marketing strategy and research experience, I get to the heart of brand issues.  I do the research, analysis and insight delivery myself.  You get expert work, tailored to your business, in a cost-effective manner.  And you get recommendations on how to capitalize on your brand evolution opportunities.

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