October 25, 2014

New Product Development

Successful new products fuel business growth.  They bring in new customers and increase sales among existing customers.Colorful new product stickers

Many new products fail though because something about them did not appropriately address the wants and needs of the customer.

To get your new product right the first time, put my 20+ years of marketing research and new product development experience to work for you.  I can help you:

  • Identify new product opportunities
  • Assess which opportunities have the most business growth potential
  • Understand what features are important to your customers
  • Develop and test the new product
  • Launch the new product

I’ve helped companies like Gillette/P&G, Dunkin’ Donuts and The First Years launch new products that account for a significant portion of their revenues today. 

Read my bio to find out about other products I’ve helped launch. 

Then contact me to discuss how I can help you launch a new product that will take your business to the next level.